Line and Linear Inequality Graphing in Java

Line and Linear Inequality Graphing:

This applet is copyright (©) Dec. 2006, Ian Vogt. Permission to use, copy, and distribute this applet for non-commercial purposes without written permission is granted provided this copyright notice is preserved on all copies. This applet is provided "as-is" without any warrantee.

To draw a line:

You may create as many lines as you want. To create a broken line, first check "Broken Line" checkbox.

To delete the last line drawn click the right mouse button (or hold the Ctrl key while you click the left button) anywhere on the graph paper.

To change the scale of the axes, click on the "Select Scale" pull-down field and change to the desired scale.

For graphs of inequalities you can add shading to the graph:

Shading will appear on that side of the line(s) and a blue dot is plotted on the location you clicked. For example, you should click on the test point you used to determine which side to shade. You can create an unlimited number of shaded areas. To remove the last shading created, click the right mouse button when the "Shade" button is selected.

To paste the graph into a document (e.g. MS Word):

Click the "Copy to Clipboard" button. Then switch to the document and press Ctrl-v or Edit->Paste.

If access to the system clipboard is blocked the button changes to "NO ACCESS" and you have to use this procedure: