Curve Graphing in Java

Curve Graphing:

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To draw a graph of a function containing an absolute value, a quadratic polynomial, or a square root:

First calculate a number of points that fall on the graph -- if the graph contains a vertex, that should be one of the points. Then, draw the graph as a series of segments between the points you have computed. For each line segment:

You may create as many lines as you want. To delete the last line drawn click the right mouse button (or hold the Ctrl key while you click the left button) anywhere on the graph paper. (Make sure the "Line" button is selected above.)

If you are graphing a function that contains a quadratic polynomial or a square root the lines between the points are not straight. To bend a line segment:

Repeat for each line segment until the graph looks right.

If you want to revert to the previous shape of the line, click the right mouse button (with the "Bend" button still selected) and the line will go back to the way it was.

To change the scale of the axes, click on the "Select Scale" pull-down field and change to the desired scale.

To paste the graph into a document (e.g. MS Word):

Click the "Copy to Clipboard" button. Then switch to the document and press Ctrl-v or Edit->Paste.

If access to the system clipboard is blocked the button changes to "NO ACCESS" and you have to use this procedure: